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1.3B Cumulative PC Sales Over Next 5 Years
Dell & HP Will Each Sell Over 200M PCs In Next 5 Years.

June 12, 2006 -
In the first 30 years of the PC industry—from 1975 to 2004—cumulative PC sales surpassed 1.4B units. In the next five years—2006 through 2010—cumulative PC sales will reach 1.3B units or nearly as much as the first 30 years. Cumulative PC sales reached nearly 130M units in 1990, over 1.6B in 2005 and are forecasted to top 2.9B in 2010.

The leading PC companies have changed considerably in the last 20 years as seen in the next table. Until the early 1990s Apple or IBM was the worldwide leader in PC unit sales. Since 1994 Compaq, Dell or HP have been the leader in PC unit sales.

Leading PCs Company Sales

Worldwide: 1991-95 1996-2000 2001-05 2006-10
Dell (#M) 5.4 42.1 133 246
HP & Compaq (#M) 21.3 95.0 130 205
IBM & Lenovo (#M) 18.0 43.5 64.8 107
Acer (#M) 1.7 9.5 28.8 79
NEC & PB (#M) 9.3 25.7 26.5 38
Apple (#M) 16.2 17.6 17.2 33
Toshiba (#M) 4.6 15.9 24.2 41
Gateway (#M) 3.8 18.0 16.5 32
Total PC Sales (#M) 201 492 810 1,300

Dell’s 5-year PC unit sales have grown from 5M+ during 1991-95 to 42M from 1996 to 2000 and to 133M PCs during 2001-05. Further growth to 246M units is forecasted for the next 5-year period. HP is a strong second and could do better if its current PC growth continues. Lenovo with its IBM acquisition will remain #3 in the next five years. Acer is projected to have the strongest growth in the next five years.

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